Until all of us are operating in a world without COVID19, we have reduced our Health & Safety for Employees and Customers Course Library to only NZ$10 per seat, per month (usually NZ$47 per seat, per month).

Available Courses

HTO Educate offers a range of online courses for any organization looking to improve customer engagement and health & safety at work.

Due to the global pandemic, there has been a dire need for training and education on proper workplace hygienic practices for both employees and customers.

Similarly, as we are moving towards working remotely, HTO Educate presents a series of courses on customer service, and how to transition to remote work effectively.

The content has been designed to provide easily-digestible training that you can access anywhere, on any device, at any time

Feel free to share what courses you would like to see next! 

And Stay Tuned For Future Updates!

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